Versatile Cutting System

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Our Versatile Cutting System

SWBP wants to offer our customers inspiration, creativity, and innovation to support their growing businesses. That is why we have incorporated the Colex Sharpcut Flatbed Cutting System, into our production line.

Our versatile cutting system can create anything from boxes, signage, trade show exhibits, and so much more. We bring cutting-edge technology to our clients because we know that first impressions can make you or break you.

Colex Sharpcut Versatile Cutting System

Colex Sharpcut Flatbed Cutting System

  • Cuts all above listed substrates, close to 2" thick.
  • True 5' x 10' work area.
  • Contour cutting services available.
  • Etches, drills holes, & routes.


Digital cutting is a fully automatic process, exceptionally precise, and flexible, so any adjustments needed are quick, easy, and economical. The versatility and performance of this digital cutter extend to a wide variety of substrates, like acrylic, plexiglass, adhesive vinyl, boards, rubber, foam core, cardboard, and so much more. Just look at our substrate libraries Rigid substrate library and Rolled material library

Whether you are interested in a single piece or several thousand, digital cutting provides flexibility, flawless cutting technology, and let's not forget a variety of substrates.

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Cutting methods and applications

Cutting tool/knife

  • This tool is perfect for cutting all the way through thin material quickly to create custom shapes.
  • Typical applications are corrugated cardboard, coroplast, foam boards, vinyl, and a wide variety of paper stocks.

Kiss-cut tool

  • For vinyl cutting applications and especially kiss cutting, perfect accuracy in the cutting is essential. The variable pressure of the kiss cut tool permits precise cutting of foils without damaging the liner material.
  • Besides commonly used on vinyl and other films up to 3MM (1/8") thick, this tool can be used for cutting thin paper and card stock.

Creasing Tool

  • This tool is perfect for scoring single-wall corrugated cardboard. Its crease wheel produces high-quality creases both with and against the grain without tearing or cracking the top layer of the substrate.


  • Designed specifically for cutting rigid plastics, acrylic panels, non-ferrous metals, composite panels, and many other rigid substrates. Suitable for cutting hard surface substrates up to 1″ thick and softer materials close to 2".

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